Inside Out, Outside In

Here we stand
on either side of the looking glass
and hugs and handshakes
shrink from our heads quite fast.

Don’t you wish
the carrom coin took more time
to fly into the corner of the room?

Don’t you wish
gravity took a deeper breath
and gave an extra second,
no more no less
so that the small plastic disc
would fly down slow
as it settled between friends
in Connect-4?

When we switch to the here and now,
you are a shell of you,
and I, a shell of me,
and when we look,
from the inside out,
or from the outside in,
do we know
if light travels in straight lines?
Do we know
if we’ll have another slice of time?

For I’m growing older
and there are different hills we climb
and I don’t know
where either of us stands on the incline.
Your feet,
they must have sprouted new stories,
just like mine,
even as we keep counting miles.

And now when we stand on our shores,
My friend, tell me, can you find the door
to the glass room, is it
in the floor?
Does either of us
need to translate our frames of reference?
Do we scale up or down
or just rotate?
Do we have enough time
to open the door,
to punch in the code,
a digit you
and a digit me?

I can’t see the hinges
on this door, can it swing?
Maybe it slides,
or does a spin.
Did doors change form
or become obsolete
while we turned the crank
to the movement of the sun?

Maybe we will figure it out
when we both know
we are going down the hill.
Maybe then
the door will appear the same to you
looking from the inside out
as it does to me
looking from the outside in.

Inspired by the line ‘Cause I’m the man on the outside looking in’ from Pink Floyd’s Wot’s… Uh the Deal?


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