You reach out
and check in
to see if a friend’s doing good,
and the conversation branches out
into the comfort food you miss,
the idli you last had five months ago
at the place
that was right behind your home,
still is,
but now seems like a universe away.

And then, the next day,
out of nowhere,
she sends in a box of,
yes idli.

The delivery guy makes it worth the wait
as he rides in circles
around your pincode,
navigating streets blocked at one end
as you give instructions on the phone.
He’s a tad too fast
for the left turn you asked him to take
a second ago,
he landmarks banks and pharmacies more than once,
but does arrive eventually
braving a drizzle.

An hour later,
you launch into the feast,
reawakening flavours
stashed away in a corner of your mind.
The rice cakes mingle
with the coconut chutney,
it’s a smooth explosion of taste,
and as you wipe off the plate,
you’re glad there’s more to have for another meal.

You haven’t been a foodie for long,
but these days you get it
why food connects people,
and you are grateful
for your friends,
and for their thoughtful gestures.


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