This book sucks

like no other book

I’m just a crook

trying to make myself look


and all we need to do

is to learn to ignore the voice in our head

and pretend that self-doubt is never a problem

in the state of the dead

because too many cats

have gone walking on the ledge

and the way they balance

is something to learn

for this life

because someday we will all be on a tightrope

some for the first time,

and others doing a reprise.

Don’t worry son,

see you on the other side.

Not all poetry inspires,

and sometimes

lines only juggle words

and you hope

nothing collides,

no word disrupts that parabola

on their way up or down,

you don’t care what shape it takes

as long as the words land

and take off

from the center of your palm.


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