Fragile Kaleidoscopes

So I recently did a collab with the talented Swati Singh. Here’s her abstract artwork and my poem inspired by it. Do visit her Instagram page to see more of her brilliant work.

Fragile Kaleidoscopes

There’s not a colour I haven’t tasted
from all the ones that you breathe out.
There’s not a single me
from all the ones I carry in my head
that you haven’t seen.

We pretend to inhabit our worlds
like quadrants
but never intersecting each other,
our lips rarely aligned,
forever in a state of motion.

We see through the other’s mesh.
We are only learning
to unravel ourselves,
to diffract our rainbows
and I have discovered only now
that we see colours differently.
Your green could be my red
and my blue could be your orange.
Your turquoise, my maroon,
My aqua, your pink.

Hang on,
there must be one colour
that sounds the same
to both of us,
one colour from which
light bounces off to you
at the same angle
as it does to me.

We will find that one colour someday.
Till then
we have these kaleidoscopes,
each a unique marker of a moment from our times.

Let’s enjoy this,
this forest of colours,
these jagged lakes we hold within ourselves,
these seemingly random brushstrokes that we are now,
before our skies blend into one palette.

Let’s not move too fast.

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