If for a day

So some thoughts have been circling in my head for a while, looking at the nature of discussions over the internet, and a few that I have been part of. Putting them down in this poem, nothing radical, and perhaps not too poetic, just getting it out of my head.

This cover of Pink Floyd’s If did its bit to inspire the poem structure. You may also have noticed the Pink Floyd album cover from Wish You Were Here in the featured image in this post.

If for a day, you were me
and I were you
Would you like my green?
Would I love your blue?
Would we stick to our opinions
with the same unyielding glue,
knowing my word today
was yesterday your truth too?
Would we know that we could disagree
and still be true
each to our own voice,
both me and you?

If for a day, you were me
and I were you,
Would we wear our exchanged skins
as tightly as we wore the old ones too?
Would we squeeze the silence out
and leave no space for words to sprout?
Would I stomp hard on your toes
simply because you were not as ‘woke’?
Would you leave room for a sliver of sunshine
to drop by between your words and mine?

If for a day, I were you
and you were me,
would we still strike at each other’s words
like they were blasphemy?
Would I let you read your book
and not grace you with my homily?
Would you step down from your podium,
and pause before you swoop to ‘call out’ me?
Would we then see our flexible-as-stone selves,
the ‘liberal’ you and the ‘conservative’ me?
Would we look past the syntax of words
and perhaps breathe in a little easy?

If for a day, I were you
and you were me,
would we see the split
in our made-up binary?
Would we know we don’t need
to ride this seesaw of exclusivity?
That we could both sing a different melody,
Or both of us could be terribly off-key?
Would we learn we could stand on the same cloud,
Or both drown at the same time in the sea?


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