Tiny Green Bird

Tiny green bird

who flew into my room

fascinated by the fan,

ran circles around it

and took joyrides on it

like it was a carousel.

Tiny green bird

who refused to leave,

was it the rain

or were the indoors too cosy?

This is not your life, little bird.

Fly out,

live in the trees,

I know these walls

can suck you indoors.

Fly out,

don’t flit about here,

Your wings may crash

into the blades of the fan

or into the walls,

you will not always be

as lucky

as you’ve been.

Tiny green bird

who refuses the grain

I’ve kept in the bowl.

Is red rice too healthy,

too exotic for you?

Oh, I see now

from the curve of your beak,

you’re the nectar sucking kind.


there’s nothing here for you.

Spend the night here maybe,

wait out the rain,

but fly back

to where you came from,

where your little form

could fit in better

and your flitting about

would yield more returns

as you’d jump out

from one flower

and dive beak-first

into another.


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