Extension On the morning of day 21, the man on television arrives at ten, and begins his speech. Listening to it, I feel like I’m uncoiling a ball of wool in slow motion until I get to the core. The man on television makes me wait for long enough that I have to heat my … Continue reading Extension

Tremors and tech

On Day 20, emotions run high, and technology is at the forefrunt of conflicts it was meant to resolve. We resolve one by creating a video tutorial and sharing it over WhatsApp. We get parents to share their screens through phone calls and mirrors, not by mirroring screens, but through the real glass ones on … Continue reading Tremors and tech


If the lockdown goes on for too long, I might begin to wonder if the universe is just a sphere with a radius of five hundred meters, everything else is a hologram, and all people outside are simulations. Day 19 of the 21-day lockdown in India