Poetry show update

I am excited to perform my poetry after a long while, in a show titled Elementary. It’s themed around the five elements; a few friends and I will be performing a couple of collaborations all of us have worked on, in addition to our individual sets. Come over, and watch the show on Zoom on … Continue reading Poetry show update


So here's another collab with Swati Singh. You can check out the earlier collaboration here, and do check out her Instagram page. I'm also open to collaborate with other forms of art. If you have some visual art - a photograph / illustration / sketch / painting or anything else you like - and would … Continue reading Revisit

Netflix and No Chill

Earlier today,while in the middleof a WhatsApp conversation with friendsabout a movieand about what percentageof a fiction-reality concoction seemed fine,I remembered watching films at Forum,and how I missed a movie theatre,the glare from the guy in frontbecause I could not keep my feet to myselfand grazed his seat,my OCD-level annoyance with whispersthat to me were … Continue reading Netflix and No Chill


You reach outand check into see if a friend’s doing good,and the conversation branches outinto the comfort food you miss,the idli you last had five months agoat the placethat was right behind your home,still is,but now seems like a universe away. And then, the next day,out of nowhere,she sends in a box of,yes idli. The … Continue reading Gratitude


You answer the phone,thousands of kilometers shrink into seconds,oceans collapse under telecom networks,and you thank technologyfor making this connection.The conversation turns into an interview,you respond to questions,and slip in yourswhen there’s space for one.As the minutes move past you,the questions fly by thicker,and there’s no breathing spacebetween the last answerand the next question. You slow … Continue reading Hurried


A couple of years ago,I could not decideif I wanted a bachelor’s lifeor if I was readyto plunge into marriage,settle down as people around me called it.I should have known one way for sure by thirty-seven, I thought.But I didn’t,no more perhapsthan I had ever known before. What differed now was that I’d found a … Continue reading Plunge

Here And There

He was a temporary and permanent address, the epitaph said.Wonder what it meant.Maybe he belonged to both,perhaps to none,perhaps his shoes had sands from different placesand the tastebuds on his tonguedrew a world map.Maybe he carried his home in a backpacklike it was a box of Lego blocksand he had built and taken down his … Continue reading Here And There