A couple of years ago,I could not decideif I wanted a bachelor’s lifeor if I was readyto plunge into marriage,settle down as people around me called it.I should have known one way for sure by thirty-seven, I thought.But I didn’t,no more perhapsthan I had ever known before. What differed now was that I’d found a … Continue reading Plunge



I will wait for you till the turn of the season when rivers have just begun to get full, their thirst quelled by generous rains that will soon move on further north. Come, if like the river, you too want to be nourished, your thirst quelled with a thousand touches all coming together at once. … Continue reading Wait


When she’s gone, He stands in the street that runs outside his home And searches for his face In the eyes of the crowd. The wind is still, fettered perhaps while leaves look for echoes in the silence of afternoons. And as he walks, He leaves behind alternate selves, Some dropped near his footmarks on … Continue reading Dissolved

In my dreams

In my dreams, I've seen youpick pebbles from the shores we've walked;And with your frail arms you've aimedthose little stones at the stars.In my dreams, I've seen you,running around a baffled sun,tying a ribbon around its yellow girthin the envious silenceof a million other celestial beacons.In my dreams, I've heard youteach children the melody of … Continue reading In my dreams

So far

It’s been some time now, When we met, your fingers spoke of longing, Of a desire that had begun to transform From mere glances to living breath; Your tresses, soaked with my words, shivered as if they had been tickled As hands dodged, and then sought each other under the coffee table. Our youth poured … Continue reading So far