People often tell me I look younger than I am. Some impolite bastards even say I'm lying about my age. Now, what can I possibly gain from lying, except some pride? I have that in small measure, so any source is okay. But I digress. When someone does say I look younger, I am in … Continue reading Younger


You are the bird that rests on my shoulder and eats from my palm. You are free to fly away for an hour, for a day, a week or even a month. You are free to never return. And I am free to stop standing still, to stop waiting for your claws to curve around … Continue reading Choices


Experimenting with a palindrome poem. Tongues imprison words, Vowels quietened, some dying sounds. Filtered noise is Silence. Silence is noise filtered. Sounds dying, some quietened vowels, words imprison tongues.