Been there

I have been a sonnet that stumbled clumsily around meter and rhyme. I am now a freewheeling poem who does not care where the verse will end. I was not sure if my orbit had to be prograde or retrograde, I wasn’t even sure if I was around the right sun. Now I just roll … Continue reading Been there


I can’t put my finger on the moment we graduated from people into walking news-pieces, flying past each other, headlines waiting to be forgotten, headlines written with disappearing ink, their timer already set to zero. Sometimes a face sticks in your head like the pictures in a tabloid. Never mind though, the story will soon … Continue reading Newsification

Why humans speak

We speak to undam rivers of pain, even though words are superfluous if only you had tuned in to the sounds of feet kicking, of fingernails screeching across the floor while people were being melted and forced to fit shapes the ministers ordered the minute they took the oath. NaPoWrimo 2017, Poem 8


Today I want to ask you questions I know you’ve heard before, at another time, from another voice. I don’t know if you’ve answered them. So here I go with similar queries. I hope you will not deflect them, not bury them under propaganda. Today I want to know why your religion or mine matters … Continue reading Questions