It's early April, the sun's turned raging hot, I might soon be burned. My skin charred while I'm still conscious, I grab the chance to be pretentious, About climate change, I turn poetic with activist lines while I stay static, alone in my car, over the speedbump I fly, I switch on the AC; 'Global … Continue reading Soapbox


Splitting light beams

I look through the cane strips in these lanterns I see light split into four quadrants I know none of them will light this place When the last guy leaves and turns off the switch. NaPoWriMo 2017, Poem 4


Keep trying. Try to wake up early, Try to start exercise, Try to learn to play an instrument, Try to write a story, Try to ask that girl out, Try to keep trying. Try is a word loaded with skyfuls of promise and with commitment the size of a vacuum. Trying makes everything seem possible. … Continue reading Try