Blind Date

'She does not talk much. Just how Ginzo wants it, and perhaps she knows that well. People meet, the system sensors measure the pheromone activity, track pupil dilation, our voice pitch.' A little peek from my short SF story Blind Date published in 365tomorrows. I'm honing my craft as a writer of science fiction, and … Continue reading Blind Date


Never leave

So a short SF story of mine got published on 365tomorrows. Read on for a start and follow the link at the end for the entire story. Pa is sleeping. It’s one of his intermittent naps. They said the meds would make him drowsy all day. He looks serene when he is asleep, even in … Continue reading Never leave

So near yet so far

There she was, calm and unaffected by the loneliness that surrounded her. Physics told him opposites attract. So he kept running around her in circles, hoping she’d take notice and they’d meet someday. No one told him the union was impossible: he was the sole electron and she the only proton in a hydrogen atom.


He leaned towards her, she closed her eyes. She clenched her fists as he entered her, making her body quiver with his violent thrust. It was all over within a minute. “Susie, we should've done this months ago”, said the dentist, and placed her stained brown molar on his plate.


Mark stared at the carnage Richard had unleashed upon him. Only four of his able men had survived Richard’s attacks – too small a number to challenge the might of his nemesis. "I give up, you’ve got me this time," he mumbled extending his hand to Richard, "in just 21 moves!"