Tiny Green Bird

Tiny green bird who flew into my room fascinated by the fan, ran circles around it and took joyrides on it like it was a carousel. Tiny green bird who refused to leave, was it the rain or were the indoors too cosy? This is not your life, little bird. Fly out, live in the … Continue reading Tiny Green Bird


Freewheeling feet

When feet burn with a restless thirst,And eyes invigorated by sleepless nightsDance with enigmatic smiles.Boredom dusted off the shoulder,Fades into a distant speck.With logic and reasonCrumpled into paper ballsAnd tucked away into the corner of a shelf.The leash of routine snappedWith apathetic unconcern;The wandering soul has no reliefWhile insanity tugs at the sleeveAnd the world … Continue reading Freewheeling feet