Riverside reflections

The ferry bobs touching the horizon and retreating back to its place, a game it plays with my vision. A cathedral lurks in the background, dwarfing the boats and the boy who’s poised to jump off the ramp into the river. Yet in the moment when the diver is in midair, his body reaching like … Continue reading Riverside reflections

On a bike

  I find freedom on a bike. While climbing up the hill, or screaming down it, chained to gravity, I feel liberated like a raindrop being pulled down to earth, yet swaying to its own drumbeat. On a bike, I am a blank whiteboard being scribbled with blue and red and orange and green. On … Continue reading On a bike

Freewheeling feet

When feet burn with a restless thirst,And eyes invigorated by sleepless nightsDance with enigmatic smiles.Boredom dusted off the shoulder,Fades into a distant speck.With logic and reasonCrumpled into paper ballsAnd tucked away into the corner of a shelf.The leash of routine snappedWith apathetic unconcern;The wandering soul has no reliefWhile insanity tugs at the sleeveAnd the world … Continue reading Freewheeling feet