If for a day

So some thoughts have been circling in my head for a while, looking at the nature of discussions over the internet, and a few that I have been part of. Putting them down in this poem, nothing radical, and perhaps not too poetic, just getting it out of my head. This cover of Pink Floyd's … Continue reading If for a day

Tremors and tech

On Day 20, emotions run high, and technology is at the forefrunt of conflicts it was meant to resolve. We resolve one by creating a video tutorial and sharing it over WhatsApp. We get parents to share their screens through phone calls and mirrors, not by mirroring screens, but through the real glass ones on … Continue reading Tremors and tech

What if?

Noticed a lot of the poems - some of  mine too - I read these days has activist tones. This goes out to several poets, myself included. I wonder how poetry would thrive if the spikes of suffering, of sadness had been flattened out. How many would write about the magic in an orange moon as it … Continue reading What if?