I have been at this desk for twenty minutes. I wanted to write a poem and I did not want to write about the lockdown tonight. This is not new though, staring at a blank screen, meeting the feeling that I have run out of words, run out of things to write about. In the … Continue reading Choices



Some pauses, the accidental ones, the half ums, the ers, appear out of nowhere, like camouflaged speedbreakers on a highway. They disrupt rhythm, throwing speaker and listener a few inches off the ground, without caring to break their fall. But pauses, when used right, intentionally, add gravitas. Like this line. Split into three. Or this: … Continue reading Pauses

The caterpillar

His hunger he can never sate and he never ever discriminates. If you question his eating and ask why, he’ll say he wants to be a butterfly. 100 Days of Happy Poems, Poem 2 Inspired in no small measure by Ogden Nash and his animal poems.