Ode to Bangalore Traffic

Bangalore traffic! You zig and zag, You create a drag. Sometimes You flow like river rushing downhill revving engines sub for melting snow, and there’s no dam to hold you in, not even the traffic light. At other times, you’re a machine with revolting parts, each with its own brain, each talking, no one listening, … Continue reading Ode to Bangalore Traffic


Evaluation time

You stand at a distance they've asked you to keep.You look at the people in front of you in the queueand smile to yourself,noticing how everyone's disciplined hereunlike at the metro station or at the airport.You see the man behind the glass screen,the one who will decide how close to your dream you can get. … Continue reading Evaluation time

A crabby limerick

There was a crab named TimAWho with his daddy MoNaCordoned off the oceanFor all but crustaceans‘You outsiders find a new home, ah!’ If you think that’s random babbleLook around and see the bubblesOf bigotry and hateThe currency they tradeAnd they tell you ‘Don’t stir up any trouble.’


Extension On the morning of day 21, the man on television arrives at ten, and begins his speech. Listening to it, I feel like I’m uncoiling a ball of wool in slow motion until I get to the core. The man on television makes me wait for long enough that I have to heat my … Continue reading Extension