Two apples and three orangessit on a plate near my foot.This pentagram is the only sign of lifein this room,apart from me, of course. I have seen enough of this room,I have seen enough of only this roomto have a 3-dimensional map of it in my head –the tubelight above the door,an LED bulb on … Continue reading Cocooned



Extension On the morning of day 21, the man on television arrives at ten, and begins his speech. Listening to it, I feel like I’m uncoiling a ball of wool in slow motion until I get to the core. The man on television makes me wait for long enough that I have to heat my … Continue reading Extension


This lockdown is like a cocoon swallowing the butterfly. This lockdown is like a video game where the monster has infinite lives. This lockdown is like a door and everyone has the key but no fingers. Day 18 of the 21-day lockdown in India

What If?

What if, in this lockdown, we develop different idioms and phrases that mean the same? What if evolution put us on an express track each group in its micro bubble? What if every such unit became a Galápogos Island? And what if, when the gates open and we meet or bump into each other at … Continue reading What If?


Twenty-one days. Or three weeks. Or five-hundred-and-four hours. Or a fortnight and a half. I’ve spent longer periods sleepwalking though days without worrying what lies on the other side. It must be easy. Live from day to day, day after day, like putting one foot in front of the other when you are walking to … Continue reading Skip