A couple of years ago,I could not decideif I wanted a bachelor’s lifeor if I was readyto plunge into marriage,settle down as people around me called it.I should have known one way for sure by thirty-seven, I thought.But I didn’t,no more perhapsthan I had ever known before. What differed now was that I’d found a … Continue reading Plunge



I can make a list of animals that can’t fly. Rats, caterpillars, elephants, snakes and me. Do you know what we can do? Rats can scurry through holes not big enough for fingers to sneak through. A caterpillar waltzes its way in and out of a cocoon, opening the door for a butterfly. Elephants, those … Continue reading Flight


I will wait for you till the turn of the season when rivers have just begun to get full, their thirst quelled by generous rains that will soon move on further north. Come, if like the river, you too want to be nourished, your thirst quelled with a thousand touches all coming together at once. … Continue reading Wait


I discovered electricity when I touched you. When the tingle in my skin echoed with the one in yours. When sparks flew off our tongues and created electric arcs. When the jigsaw of your back fit into my arms. I discovered electricity when our bodies fused into each other, and not a single ray of … Continue reading Electricity


Yesterday I found the bookmark you had gifted me five years ago. It lay in a paperback between pages 8 and 9. The cover hadn't lost its gloss, and not a single page had creases. Odd, considering most of my books end up with dog-eared pages. Some have been read so long, they always stay … Continue reading Bookmark