Longer silences

These days when I talk to my father over the phone, we speak in shorter sentences and have longer silences. I know I must factor in the internet lag and my father's advancing age, but most of all, my receding patience.


I can make a list of animals that can’t fly. Rats, caterpillars, elephants, snakes and me. Do you know what we can do? Rats can scurry through holes not big enough for fingers to sneak through. A caterpillar waltzes its way in and out of a cocoon, opening the door for a butterfly. Elephants, those … Continue reading Flight



I will wait for you till the turn of the season when rivers have just begun to get full, their thirst quelled by generous rains that will soon move on further north. Come, if like the river, you too want to be nourished, your thirst quelled with a thousand touches all coming together at once. … Continue reading Wait