Ode to Bangalore Traffic

Bangalore traffic! You zig and zag, You create a drag. Sometimes You flow like river rushing downhill revving engines sub for melting snow, and there’s no dam to hold you in, not even the traffic light. At other times, you’re a machine with revolting parts, each with its own brain, each talking, no one listening, … Continue reading Ode to Bangalore Traffic


Ode to my old bicycle

Standing in the balcony, chain red-brown with rust, trusted companion through cities and states, bisecting forests, hemming coastlines, braving rain, wind and sun and the threat of theft. No fuel guzzler this, Simply powered by idli, omelette, coffee and whatever else it found on the road. Now rests aging, joints creaking, no Hercules this, powerless … Continue reading Ode to my old bicycle

Longer silences

These days when I talk to my father over the phone, we speak in shorter sentences and have longer silences. I know I must factor in the internet lag and my father's advancing age, but most of all, my receding patience.


You start from scratch and play a note don’t know where this one ends and where the next one goes. You’ve built a fortress in your head, complete with cannons and a moat. Epics and odysseys swim in your eyes, and orchestras play symphonies in your toes. You imagine a Rube Goldberg machine catapulting thought-shapes … Continue reading Re(de)fine