Name Acrostic

Man​ Arrived in 1981,​ Loves singing in bathrooms and otherwise,​ Covers streets from balcony,​ Orders food from big basket or whatever’s available these days,​ Levitate, he can’t but tries.​ Maybe he’ll succeed if he partners with a hot-air balloon.​


This lockdown is like a cocoon swallowing the butterfly. This lockdown is like a video game where the monster has infinite lives. This lockdown is like a door and everyone has the key but no fingers. Day 18 of the 21-day lockdown in India


I have been at this desk for twenty minutes. I wanted to write a poem and I did not want to write about the lockdown tonight. This is not new though, staring at a blank screen, meeting the feeling that I have run out of words, run out of things to write about. In the … Continue reading Choices


People often tell me I look younger than I am. Some impolite bastards even say I'm lying about my age. Now, what can I possibly gain from lying, except some pride? I have that in small measure, so any source is okay. But I digress. When someone does say I look younger, I am in … Continue reading Younger