People often tell me I look younger than I am. Some impolite bastards even say I'm lying about my age. Now, what can I possibly gain from lying, except some pride? I have that in small measure, so any source is okay. But I digress. When someone does say I look younger, I am in … Continue reading Younger


Experimenting with a palindrome poem. Tongues imprison words, Vowels quietened, some dying sounds. Filtered noise is Silence. Silence is noise filtered. Sounds dying, some quietened vowels, words imprison tongues.


Some pauses, the accidental ones, the half ums, the ers, appear out of nowhere, like camouflaged speedbreakers on a highway. They disrupt rhythm, throwing speaker and listener a few inches off the ground, without caring to break their fall. But pauses, when used right, intentionally, add gravitas. Like this line. Split into three. Or this: … Continue reading Pauses