जागते रहो

कुछ दिनों से सोच रहा हूँ घर के दरवाजों को रात भर खुला ही रखूँ देश में इतने चौकीदार जो हो गए है । चौकीदारी कहाँ की कर रहे हैं पता नहीं, रास्तों पर दीखते भी है नहीं, पर काफी बवाल हो रहा हैं, तो कर रहे होंगे रखवाली कही अपनी Facebook प्रोफाइल या Twitter … Continue reading जागते रहो


Today I want to ask you questions I know you’ve heard before, at another time, from another voice. I don’t know if you’ve answered them. So here I go with similar queries. I hope you will not deflect them, not bury them under propaganda. Today I want to know why your religion or mine matters … Continue reading Questions


In response to the daily prompt: Careful Careful, think twice before you push that button. It might suck you in, the screen with its rambling, yelling, screeching, ranting, demanding, voices shrieking, the tenor rising, shouts silencing, never stopping, never yielding, never retreating. Even if you ignore its incessant chatter and build a wall around your … Continue reading Careful