Evaluation time

You stand at a distance they've asked you to keep.You look at the people in front of you in the queueand smile to yourself,noticing how everyone's disciplined hereunlike at the metro station or at the airport.You see the man behind the glass screen,the one who will decide how close to your dream you can get. … Continue reading Evaluation time


Here And There

He was a temporary and permanent address, the epitaph said.Wonder what it meant.Maybe he belonged to both,perhaps to none,perhaps his shoes had sands from different placesand the tastebuds on his tonguedrew a world map.Maybe he carried his home in a backpacklike it was a box of Lego blocksand he had built and taken down his … Continue reading Here And There


While the sun rolled around the earth, roots spread out their limbs, And wandered around the woods. A few men found the straying roots, and guided them through the pipeline of time. Through these channels they grew, Until one day they kissed the other side of the river, and made love to the forest floor … Continue reading Cherrapunjee

Freewheeling feet

When feet burn with a restless thirst,And eyes invigorated by sleepless nightsDance with enigmatic smiles.Boredom dusted off the shoulder,Fades into a distant speck.With logic and reasonCrumpled into paper ballsAnd tucked away into the corner of a shelf.The leash of routine snappedWith apathetic unconcern;The wandering soul has no reliefWhile insanity tugs at the sleeveAnd the world … Continue reading Freewheeling feet