Here And There

He was a temporary and permanent address, the epitaph said.Wonder what it meant.Maybe he belonged to both,perhaps to none,perhaps his shoes had sands from different placesand the tastebuds on his tonguedrew a world map.Maybe he carried his home in a backpacklike it was a box of Lego blocksand he had built and taken down his … Continue reading Here And There


So this is how it goes, you fly into the ocean, I stand on the shoulder of the wind while someone pulls down the sky onto the earth. Sometimes you keep your wings on the shore and follow the dolphins. A few seagulls try out your wings when they scour the coast at the break … Continue reading Merge


Just realized I haven't blogged for more than two months. It wasn't a deliberate decision though. Several events, some planned, some done in an adhoc manner, kept me busy. Started with a pink slip that gave me enough spare time to take up some activities I had on my wish list. Learnt a bit of … Continue reading Back