Finding ourselves

In smiles
That met before we did,
In kisses
When your scent mingled with mine,
In touches
When I explored you,
And discovered that there was so much to discover,
In words
That we coined for each other,
In gazes
Whose intent I’d know by the upturned corner of your lips
Or by the rolling of your ‘Ask me’ eyes,
In the little surprises we threw
And all the little secrets we knew,
In thoughts
That bounced off you and me,
Naked and unbounded,
Delicate and fearless;
In your eloquent fingers,
Which made up words with every touch,
In my still, silent eyes,
In your slow measured walk,
That hastened to keep pace with my stride,
In all the times
When we were uncovering each other,
I think we found ourselves.


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