The wings of my heart take it to places
where everything I see
tells me your name.

Wherever I go,
Every tree has your face covered in its leaves,
Every bird has a song whose verses seek you
You have magnetized all of them,
I was not alone.

They look for you just as I do
In the crevices of the still air
Hoping to catch your breath,
Hoping it has lingered and stayed.

They wonder, like I do,
if your laughter has sunk itself
in the screaming silence of the night.
And we all look for your silhouette
in the constellations drifting through the sky,
While the moon stays glued
As if yearning to catch a glimpse of you.

There are questions which stick in my mind
Questions that perhaps will never be answered,
Yet I hope
Like a traveller at a station waits
for a train that has left an hour ago.

When you look out of your window,
Is the flower in bloom?
Do you hear the rain trot past your end of the rainbow?
Its been months since it left my town.


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