Let our country sleep


Take this.
Wear it like a medal around your neck.

If need be,
take it off and use it to strangle those anti-nationals.
You can use it any other way you wish.

Roll it into a ball,
and gag anyone who sets loose his evil tongue
against your decrees, your beliefs, your definitions.

Or take all of your medals, melt them, and make batons.
Beat the rascals who question, who differ,
who look through the glass of reason.

Silence them before the epidemic spreads further.

Get rid of them.
Yes, all of them.
For all we want is one united voice.
Just one voice.
Your voice.
We’ll make it ours.
No differences, no deliberations.

Invite them to debates where they must only agree with you.
Tune out their harsh voices; we need more of a melody here.

Give them dictionaries that define
the only words they can say,
they must say.

Yes, do give them freedom too,
to paint themselves in any colour they like.
Let all of it be saffron.

In that land of plain homogeneity, our guardians, let our country sleep.


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