We send slices of our lives
in packets over the internet.
How much data does a smile contain?
Is it more than a hug?
More than a touch?
For now, this much is enough,
a video, a picture,
or a voice, even if it’s cracking.

We send fragments of this life
from one screen to another,
from yours to mine,
or the other way around.
These snippets,
these many, these few snippets,
we receive them
and recreate the jigsaw,
the collage comes alive.

Let this lockdown pass,
We will hear heartbeats again.

This poem was inspired by a playback theatre performance I saw a few hours ago. If you are based in Bangalore, do check out CityLamps when this lockdown is over.

Day 6 of the 21-day lockdown​ in India​


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